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Not sure if this site is legit? link to Megavisions?

Sega's new Stradegy

SEGA Sammy has released the annual SEGA financial report “Beyond the Status Quo”, reporting SEGA’s vision moving forward to “Be a Game Changer”, along with a three-point plan to extend the life of their IPs.

Five of SEGA’s biggest IPs have increased by 40% from last year’s sales, including PersonaSonic the HedgehogYakuzaTotal War, and Phantasy Star Online. In order to keep this momentum going, SEGA plans to utilize a three-point plan: remaster, remake, and reboot.

“Remaster” includes focusing on remastering previous games into HD quality. “Remake” aims to include significant additions while still maintaining the overall gameplay that the originals have. “Reboot” intends to entirely transform old IPs into new games while keeping previous worlds within the IP.

As translated by NME, the SEGA financial report notes that “previous titles are still good enough to be sold today”. Persona 4 Golden follows this logic, having sold over 1 million copies on Steam despite its re-release eight years after the original. Longtime fans are likely to agree with this statement and will look forward to SEGA’s new strategy of bringing more of their old favorites into the spotlight

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.