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Slownenberg said:

And the game seems like it will be longer than I thought it would be. I tend to take my time exploring games and don't try to impress anyone with my quickness in beating a game, but I'm at 9:42 on the game clock and I feel like there is a decent amount of the game left. I was worried it'd be like a max 10hr game. Plus I guess there is a hard mode eh? I figured I'd play this once and that'd be it like most 1 player games, but I might actually play through it again on hard.

I mean... It does seem to last around 10 hours for most people, for me it was 8 and I don't think I was rushing it. Granted the timer resets when you die so the real number would be significantly higher for everyone.

Glad you're enjoying it so much, though. Personally while it was over quick for me, and while I haven't gotten too much into replaying it yet, I don't wish it was longer. The pacing just felt right for what it is.

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