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dx11332sega said:

Word is out why the Expansion Switch online is 50$ , culprit Wii VC low sales . Licenses costs.

Excuses, excuses. -_-

IcaroRibeiro said:

Price aside and how much would anyone pay for old games, let's to the central question when paying for online services:

Has anyone questioned how low quality is Nintendo online service actually is? The experience in both Steam online and PS Online are overall just better and smoother

Splatoon 2 still a sorrow to play with so many players dropping every single match. After 3 years I was expecting some progress, but it never quite get any better

In Animal Crossing time wasted travelling between islands is also excruciatingly high. Try to make a party with 6 friends, you better have patience to wait at least 30 minutes until everyone is in

^This. They're not even TRYING to fix their online features.

Rick1331 said:

Nintendos attitude towards online has been baffling from the start and shows no sign of changing direction.

With the Wii it was bad but free with optional VC, with Switch its bad and costs... now we have this??

And then there's Pokemon, pay to transfer (from last gen), pay separately to store and pay AGAIN for online play. I always felt the online service should include bank/home etc. 

Unless they have a serious rethink I wont be parting with any money for online. 

Same. I've already turned off auto-renewal. I'm not giving them a dime until they fix this shit.