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yvanjean said:
Bristow9091 said:

I must say I'm a little offended you think I'm trolling (Also don't do that in the future, to anyone really), this is who I got originally;

You're offended???? I think you owe Kenjab an apology for pretending to do an half ass google search and calling him out. This is also a Microsoft discussion thread so Kenjab is right everyone knows Sarah bond. 

This is what you got:

Sarah Emily Bond is a Professor of History at the University of Iowa. Her research focuses on late Roman history, epigraphy, law, topography, GIS, and Digital Humanities. Wikipedia 

And you though to yourself well obviously this Kenjab dude doesn't know what he's talk about and calling him out for using a random person name. If you would of actually google her you would of got:

Sarah Bond

  3rd degree connection3rd
Corporate Vice President | Xbox

It's almost like you don't know what a misunderstanding is, maybe get that stick from up your butt and realise that not everyone knows every "important" person in the videogames industry? I never once called Kenjab out, I was making a comment based on the fact that I ended up with someone different, something he can also attest to as he tried it himself.

Also "This is also a Microsoft discussion thread so Kenjab is right everyone knows Sarah bond." What does the fact that it's a Microsoft discussion have to do with who knows a person? Does that mean if I randomly post in a Nintendo thread it automatically means I know everyone at Nintendo? I don't even know everyone at Sony for that matter and I run a nation thread... your logic is ridiculously flawed. 

Next time don't come at someone guns blazing like that, it just makes you look desperate to start an argument that doesn't need to be had. I'd advise dropping it here before any further action happens.