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Spade said:
DroidKnight said:

Cracks me up each time.

Phil Spencer Sarah Bond can do it. We gettin weird ass niche games, we can get the number.. 3? highest selling Japanese franchise too. 

I put her name in google and I think it gave me someone else... who is this lady you speak of? :o

Also OT: Sure it's doing much worse than the X360 in the same lifespan, but compared to the XBO, yeeeeaaaah it's doing great lol. I'm curious to see if it'll pass the original XBOX and/or pass 1m lifetime, but even if it doesn't I imagine Microsoft will be happy that they've gained more ground in Japan after everything they lost coming from X360 to XBO.

I wonder what Game Pass subscriptions look like over there, since they don't have many options at retail, might as well jump into GP lol... that's my plan when I get my hands on a Series S anyway.