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It's truly impressive how big the turnaround has been for Xbox in Japan, compared to Xbox One last gen. Xbox Series is looking like it will pass Xbox One lifetime sales in Japan before the end of 2021, and Xbox Series has managed to accomplish that without any big Japanese exclusives. I think if Phil actually goes for some 2nd party JP exclusives or acquires more JP studios for their 1st party than just Tango Gameworks, Xbox Series should be able to surpass OG Xbox's 530k in Japan before the end of the generation. I doubt that Xbox 360's 1.6m is possible this gen though, but if Xbox keeps investing in Japan and keeps building a 1st party presence in Japan, maybe 360 sales numbers could be in reach for Xbox next gen. 

I expect next week's data to be an even bigger sales week for Xbox in Japan, the Series S apparently received big restocks and was #1 for awhile at 2 different online retailers in Japan, Bic and Yodobashi. The Xbox Live Gold card on Amazon Japan also reached what may be an all-time high of #16 yesterday, and is currently the top selling subscription card on Amazon Japan, ahead of Switch Online and PS+.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 14 October 2021