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Sogreblute said:

Let's be honest here. After the first year (which ends this year) do you think 3rd party developers will care about those features? It's just a gimmick that honestly is more annoying than anything, so I know people will just turn it off. It's cool at first, but it wears off fast.

I think Sony should do this for their PSVR 2. Since VR is a more immersion experience having that haptic feedback and adaptive triggers would be a great thing to add, but for a normal controller it's really just annoying.

I didn't realise you were from 2023. 

Honestly, the Dualsense is being used far more frequently in 3rd party games than I think anyone would have guessed it would've been. I think @SvennoJ is right: forcing the Dualsense means that developers need to develop games with that controller in mind, which in turn means wider adoption of it's features, which in turn becomes a selling point for multiplatform game choice. Not all games are going to be bangers when it comes to the use of features like haptics and adaptive triggers, due in part to devs rarely having to consider such features in the past, but this doesn't mean that devs aren't going to get it right.