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In comments for news, quotation doesn't seem to work properly. The syntax I'm talking about is this:

> quoted text

my answer to the quoted text

Instead of just the quoted text being marked as quoted, the whole comment gets marked as quoted, including my answer to the quoted text. I feel like this is a feature that would be nice to have working in comments since there is relatively often need to quote certain parts of the news article. I also know this is a feature that should ideally work since IIRC the comment section supports Markdown and this is exactly how you use Markdown.


On another note, a similar problem seems to apply to switching to preformatted text in forum posts:

  1. I typed one line as I usually do and pressed Enter.
  2. I changed to preformatted text and pressed Enter.
  3. I switched from preformatted style to paragraphed style.
  4. The preformatted text switched to paragraphed (or possibly unformatted).

The regardless of what I would type or selected after the paragraphed text, my style selection would apply to everything after the first line. I had to edit the source code to get this post to format correctly.


EDIT: Another nice thing would be if the post actually looked something like it does in the editor. I did have preformatted text in the editor but not in the post itself after I posted it, so I edited the post to format... more clearly, at the very least, if not as I intended. I think the horizontal line is another one that doesn't work properly, and I think I've encountered others that don't work either but can't remember those anymore.

Last edited by Zkuq - on 04 October 2021