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PotentHerbs said:
twintail said:

You suggesting Sony buy Kadokawa? I don't think that makes much sense for them to do.

Kadokawa is one of the few companies that would strengthen a multimedia conglomerate like Sony while also being "relatively" cheap. 

There are aspects which fit into Sony's profile. But a large portion of Kadokawa is completely unrelated to Sony's own businesses. The book market, for example, is probably the biggest profile for Kadokawa as an multimedia entity.

Does Sony have use/ interest in publishing kids books, educational materials, novels and magazines?

And if Sony are lucky that Kadokawa would just sell off their multimedia division, Sony would then has to make a purchase for a company that is involved in the following industries: school operation, travel, ICT consulting, to name but a few.

Kadokawa is a very diverse company. Perhaps more so than even Sony is. But I don't see Sony going to go through all that red tape just go get FromSoftware. Even the animation division is an unlikely motivator, since all the IP involved are tied directly to what Kadokawa publishes in light novel/ manga form first.