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I wouldn't be too worried about sales, seems to be selling just fine so far. On Amazon US it sold out of it's initial shipment yesterday, while it made it to #1 on Gamestop's US website and #4 on Amazon UK. Not sure how well it is doing in other countries, but it definitely seems to be doing well in the US and UK at least. Consider that Arkane's Dishonored 2 released in November 2016, when the combined PS4/XB1 install base was 70m, and yet it only managed to move 425k physical copies first week according to VGC data. Meanwhile Deathloop is releasing as a PS5 exclusive, no PS4, and no Xbox for another year, and the PS5 install base is only 11m currently, only about 1/7th of the install base that Dishonored 2 had access to at launch. Considering that, the US and UK performance for Deathloop seems like it will be pretty strong.