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Machina said:

2018 is the only one I've played and it was very good. I enjoyed the narrative & dialogue, there were some great characters, and the voice acting was excellent. And it was very pretty obviously.

As for Ragnarok, I was a little bit disappointed by the trailer. It looked like God of War (2018) 1.5 - a very safe sequel of the sort you'd expect within a single generation. Maybe that's a by-product of needing to get it running on the PS4, but if that's the case then I wish they'd made it PS5 exclusive and really tried to push boundaries.

Yeah, it definitely looked more like an expansion than a sequel, graphically speaking. It's especially disappointing that they didn't go all out and make it PS5 exclusive since they are now suggesting that it is the final game in the Norse story arc, as opposed to it being the 2nd game in a trilogy. I suppose using this approach did allow them to develop it faster though, it is looking like it will release a bit more than 4 years after God of War 2018, and that is with Covid taken into account, it probably would have only taken 3 years were it not for Covid. A proper sequel built from the ground up for PS5 would have taken at least 5 years with covid taken into account.