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I'm from California so I hear these type of songs etc.

Ice Cube colorblind (With blue and red bandannas on the street
And if you slipping, you'll be six feet deep
'Cause me and T-bone, we pay it no mind
And for the rest of the mob, we stay color blind)

2:10 Mark of Eminem Bitch please 2 fire.

(… And you don't really wanna fuck, with me
Only nigga that I trust, is me
Fuck around and make me bust, this heat
That's the devil, they always wanna dance) x2

NWA chin check 1:03 mark 

(I'ma smoke where I want to smoke (fuck that)
I'ma choke who I want to choke (fuck that)
I'ma ride where I want to ride (fuck that)
Cause I'ma explicit for life, so I'ma nigga til I diz-ie)

2Pac When I get free 2

2pac nothing to lose

Tupac Representin 93 instruments feel great


1:28 mark Tha dogg pound why I made this into spoiler , West coast vs east coast rap , but the instruments and snoop word by word hook are amazing.

Will share more later , :)

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