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I'll be upfront and say that I've always preferred Forza to GT. That being said, I've always appreciated that the competition between the two helped to push Turn 10 to try harder with Forza games, and I hope that GT fans also appreciate that competition. Honestly though, I can't say I was all that impressed by the GT7 trailer yesterday. For starters, the music choice for the trailer was odd, between the organ at the beginning, and that annoying "neh-neh, neh-neh-neh, neh-neh-neh" song later in the trailer. But the music of the trailer is inconsequential to the game itself. As for the game, while they did fix the glaring pop-in issues from the reveal trailer in 2020, I don't see many graphics improvements that have been made in the last year. The best graphics in the new trailer come from the photo mode and replays (and the graphics on those do indeed look great, I especially love the photo mode with the thousands of scenes to choose from), but the actual gameplay graphics don't look much better than GT Sport at all. I suspect that is mostly because they decided to go the cross-gen route, not only are they releasing on both PS4 and PS5, but it's my understanding that they are building onto what was already in GT Sport, so any cars and tracks pulled from GT Sport will mostly look the same as they did in GT Sport, which means that only the new cars and tracks might feature better graphics, but even that isn't certain due to the game being cross-gen.

While building onto what was already in GT Sport will almost certainly give GT7 a significant content advantage over Forza Motorsport (also expected to release in 2022) in terms of both car and track count, I'm personally glad that Turn 10 decided to start over completely from scratch instead of building onto what was already in Forza Motorsport 7. Turn 10 is doing pretty much everything from the ground up and optimized for Xbox Series and new PC hardware; new car models, new track maps, new physics system that is far more accurate (Turn 10 claims they made more physics improvements between Motorsport 7 and this reboot, than they made across the previous 3 games combined, Motorsport 5, 6, and 7). And though we don't have true gameplay to compare between the two games at the minute, the in-engine reveal trailer did have a clip of simulated gameplay on a track, and the graphics looked quite good compared to GT7:

There was even a clip of that exact same track, Laguna Seca in California, in the GT7 trailer, and it didn't look nearly as good. Now of course that gameplay clip from the Forza Motorsport reveal trailer might be pure bullshot, and the actual in-game graphics will be worse, but I am doubtful since Forza isn't cross-gen like GT7. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 10 September 2021