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@Farsala Your NFC Championship is off because #1 TB plays against #6 SF in the divisionals (the other game is #2 GB vs. #5 MIN).

@castor You have #2 SF and #7 ARI in your divisionals, but these two teams play against each other in the wild card round. Depending on who you let advance upon correction, it can affect the possibility of your projected NFC Championship between TB and MIN, so look over your entire NFC playoff path.

@NobleTeam360 #3 DAL plays against #6 SF in the wild card round, but you have both of them in the divisionals. Since it's highly probable that you'll pick DAL to advance upon correction, your NFC Championship between #2 MIN and #3 DAL will be impossible, because these two teams will meet in the divisionals. Review your NFC playoff path.

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