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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
curl-6 said:

Doom 2016/Eternal, Hellblade, Witcher 3, Wolfenstein 2/Youngblood, and Crysis Remastered are all among the most demanding Switch games and they all use anti-aliasing. Astral Chain does too, at least in docked mode. Luigi's Mansion 3 and Xenoblade 2 as well.

It is mostly a Nintendo EPD thing, and I too wish they'd reconsider this stance, but it's too early to say for Metroid Dread, it could be like Astral Chain and use a post-process solution that's hard to pick up from watching footage online.

Ehhhh. I didn't literally mean "all the most", I'm not sure why I said that (honestly I tend to focus on original titles pushing the Switch a lot more than ports, so I probably meant it in that sense). Just that a lot of the games that show off the system don't have it. I did forget about Astral Chain having anti-aliasing though (doesn't in handheld, but I meant it in general so). My bad for both I wasn't thinking about wordage/was wrong on the second one at the time. Still feel like it's not a stretch to say that EPD personally chose not to, and that it might have been a recommendation for the Rise team during its development, or just that a similar conclusion was drawn to. Also wouldn't say Xenoblade 2 shows the Switch off that well to be honest. 

RolStoppable said:

Let's hope so. All the simulated environments in Fusion and Other M make me cautious of believing what I am seeing.

Even though I don't think Fusion's problem was its environment conceptually (plenty of cool ways to accomplish a Metroid game entirely on a ship), nor do I think its the games biggest problem in execution, I do think that there were some problems relating to that. The connection between areas never felt natural, and while that is due to the execution, it also feels like they wouldn't have created that result had it not been on a ship. 

In general, even if I love the game, it's nice to see people calling Fusion out on some of its bullshit  

Regardless of all that, one thing we can all agree on regarding Metroid Fusion; SA-X is the stuff of nightmares.

Those footsteps. >.<