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WoodenPints said:
WoodenPints said:

In fact I'll post a score for everything in case I forget.

Flight Sim- 89

Psychonauts 2- 88

Grounded- 84

Halo Infinite- 92

MechWarrior 5-73

CrossFire X- 80

Hello Neighbour 2- 69

The Gunk- 87

Exomecha- 66

Scorn- 81

The Ascent- 83

Echo Generation- 82

Tunic- 83

Sable- 79

The Last Stop- 78

Twelve Minutes- 75

Warhammer- 77

Shredders- 66

@shikamaru317 Think you missed out on my predictions back on Page 7 from April as there not on the tables

Thanks, I'll add them momentarily and tabulate your scores.