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Two new additions to my rankings. Both are 3D indie Soulslikes - one is Hellpoint and the other is Mortal Shell.

I expected to like Mortal Shell more - it received better reviews and visually it looks more polished and impressive. I'd just been waiting for the Steam release to buy it. But I ended up preferring Hellpoint.

Rank #7 - Hellpoint - ~6/10 - Features slightly more interesting locations and much more varied enemies than Mortal Shell. It doesn't try to experiment with the Soulslike formula (Mortal Shell does and the results aren't always great), so you get a pretty solid indie take on Souls from Hellpoint too, and it's much longer and feels more complete. The main downsides to Hellpoint are some frustrating areas (in particular any part of the game that involves platforming) and the fact that it's not particularly pretty or polished. The boss fights are also lacklustre (especially the final one, which when I played bugged out and didn't attack - easiest Soulslike boss ever).

Rank #9 - Mortal Shell - ~5.5/10 - It's only about 10 hours long, so about half the length of other indie Soulslikes like Hellpoint and Salt & Sanctuary, which wouldn't necessarily be a problem... but there's a tonne of padding even within those 10 hours. That's because it includes a tedious system where you have to walk back to the central hub after you defeat each boss. It's also too easy, has very limited enemy variety, and some slightly annoying enemy pop-in. The positives are it looks quite nice (pop-in aside), the limited voice acting is surprisingly good, I really enjoy the game's defensive 'hardening' ability, and there are a few minor tweaks on the Soulslike formula that are interesting conceptually even if they're not entirely successful in practice (such as item familiarity).

Unless there are some other indie Soulslikes on the horizon I haven't stumbled across yet, I'm pretty much just waiting for Elden Ring now. And for Sony to release enough PS5 exclusives to tempt me to buy a PS5, then I'll finally be able to play Demon's Souls.