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KManX89 said:

Ah yes, Sonic CD, I remember loving that game's intro/ending theme song (Sonic Boom):

As for the individual OSTs, 3 & Knuckles easily had the best level and boss music of all the classic Sonic games. 2 had the better special stages, but I overall liked 3 (& Knuckles?) better.

Oh, and I know it isn't a classic Sonic game, but Sonic R had a good soundtrack, too, and it was from the Saturn era, which is close enough, I guess. 

The only song I didn't like was Work It Out from the Reactive Factory stage, ugh, corny. I believe the Super Sonic Racing song was even remixed/sampled in Team Sonic Racing.

Honestly the one thing I feel was best about Sonic R was it's soundtrack, but it feels wasted on Sonic R. "Can You Feel The Sunshine?" would've been great as the theme for a Green Hill Zone-esque stage in a 3D Sonic platformer.