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Alright, did an update on the thread.

-The standings table has not been updated due to the amount of work involved with reordering it and due to the fact that we have several more games coming soon, so I will update it later this month after I assign points for both 12 Minutes and Psychonauts 2. 12 Minutes has released now and predictions for it are closed, but I will assign points a little later because there are only 7 reviews on Xbox currently.

-I have hidden 2 games in spoiler tags due to the fact that they were both officially delayed till next year. Will give the predictions to whoever ends up running the prediction thread for 2022, and then you guys can change those predictions then if you want to.

-I have added Age of Empires 4, which wasn't confirmed for 2021 back when I made this thread, it is now open to predictions.

-I have added The Artful Escape to help make up for some of the delayed 3rd party exclusives, it is now open for predictions. 

-Psychonauts 2 releases in one week, so get your last chance predictions in soon. 

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 18 August 2021