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NightDragon83 said:

Unfortunately Nintendo still has that 80s & 90s Disney mentality where they think keeping some of their most beloved classics locked in the "vault" save for a few limited time releases here and there like the NES / SNES Classic consoles for example is still the way to go.

With the ever increasing popularity of streaming services where people gladly pay a recurring monthly fee to access some of their favorite entertainment both past and present, you'd think Nintendo would be all over it and create something like a "Nin-flix" digital subscription service where you have exclusive access to a vast library of their classics spanning several console eras like the NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBA etc. I know there's obviously licensing issues with 3rd party IPs and several of those classics are only currently available in collection packs i.e Castlevania, Mega Man, Contra etc, but at least those 3rd parties are making their titles available through a wide variety of online services.

It's like Nintendo loves tormenting its own fanbase by holding back classic titles like Earthbound on their own online service while essentially forcing customers to pay for it if they want to enjoy features like online multiplayer. I'd rather pay $50 or $60 a year if I know I'm getting access a chunk of the classic 8-64 bit library rather than $20 for a sub-par online service.

^This. I'm sick of Nintendo's Disney vault bullshit. Sure that guy was profiting off his piracy, but Nintendo's also in the wrong because they're not even trying to give adequate legal alternatives to ROM sites. Even Konami is doing what Nintendo won't do, and they're still in the public's cross-hairs for reducing many of their own IPs to pachinko machines and fucking over Hideo Kojima.

Sure, Nintendo did a compilation cartridge for Switch, but once again they went the Disney route and made it a limited release. -_-