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CaptainExplosion said:
padib said:

Your OP is out of touch.

If the guy is pirating Switch games, and making money out of it oO, then you have nothing to stand on

*aims 30 mm gun turret in padib's face* It seems you didn't read my OP thoroughly enough.

I didn't say I was OK with this guy profiting from pirated games, I was saying that it's stupid how Nintendo doesn't give us a legal alternative to ROM sites. So next time, take my advice, AND READ THE FUCKING OP ALL THE WAY.

Guy craps his diapers for Donkey Shlong and a pirate site that rips off Nintendo, then pretends like Nintendo is to blame, uses a bad example blames others.


User was banned for this post. ~ Pemalite.

Last edited by Pemalite - on 18 August 2021