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Hiku said:
Ka-pi96 said:

I'm pretty happy that PSG wrapped the deal up so quickly. I really hate those long drawn out transfer sagas where you're not really sure if a player's leaving (or where to) for months on end (eg. like the current Harry Kane situation). Was a bit worried that Messi's may've dragged on a bit, especially since as a free agent he could technically have signed outside the transfer window in September or something if he really wanted to take some time to think about his next move.

The fact that he decided so quickly makes it seem like he wasn't really considering any other club.
Personally I was thinking either PSG for Neymar and Di Maria, or Juventus to play with Ronaldo. But I don't know how they both feel about playing together.
In PSG he has several friends already. And of course it seems PSG were willing to pay him whatever he wanted to come play with them, given how quickly this went through.

Yep, I know he claimed there were multiple options, but it really does feel like PSG was the only offer he even had. I wouldn't be surprised if there were tentative phone calls from some smaller/non-European clubs. But I expect that PSG was the only realistic option.