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drbunnig said:

I'm not that in the know - if he lowered his wage demands would he be able to stay at Barca? Also, didn't he try to worm his way out last season?

To add to what Ka-Pi said, Messi had already agreed to take a 50% paycut. (The exact amount is not confirmed I believe) And when Laporta (the new president) told him the bad news a few days ago, Messi offfered to take an even lower wage, but Laporta told him that it would not make a difference.
The one solution he found was to pawn the club to a private equity group, but that would affect them negatively for the next 50 years, and would put the club at an even bigger risk than it is in now.

The previous president and board put Barcelona in a billion Euro debt. They sold Luis Suarez against his own and Messi's will, which are some of the reasons why Messi wished to leave last year, before Laporta took over to fix things. But because Messi's contract wasn't renewed last year, he'd have to come on as a new signing this year. And La Liga's fair play financial rules made that essentially impossible.

Last edited by Hiku - on 09 August 2021