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drbunnig said:

I'm not that in the know - if he lowered his wage demands would he be able to stay at Barca? Also, didn't he try to worm his way out last season?

Yeah, he wanted out last season. Last season the president was an absolute cunt who financially ruined the club and fucked multiple people over though, so not quite the same. Now he's been replaced and the guy that was president early on during Messi's career is back at the helm trying to turn things around.

He'd need to basically play as a volunteer in order to get around the financial fair play rules. They're WAY over budget and IIRC they haven't even been able to register the players they've gotten on free transfers, Aguero, Depay etc. yet. They'd need to sell multiple big earning players in order to agree a new contract with Messi, even with him having already agreed to a 50% wage cut.

La Liga is super strict with their FFP stuff, and I believe Barca's allowed budget went from around €650m last year, to around €340m this year. That's an awful lot they need to cut down by!

Last edited by Ka-pi96 - on 09 August 2021