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Speaking of Moderates moving in on Progressive candidates, the moderate Conor Lamb (Current House Member who I do not like) announced that he would be running for the seat that Toomey will be vacating in 2022. Prior to this, it seemed as if the fairly progressive John Fetterman (Current Lt Governor) was the favorite for the Dem primary.

I looked around Twitter for a bit after Lamb announced his run, and Twitter seems to hate Fetterman. Not sure if it is manufactured or real, but Fetterman has one particular incident which is a pretty big black mark for him:

In 2013, while serving as Mayor, he heard what he believed as gunshots and saw a black man running, and proceeded to hold him at gunpoint until the police arrived. Turns out the guy was just jogging and the "shots" were actually fireworks. Comes a little too close to the Ahmaud Arbery killing for my liking.

Still, if it were just between Fetterman and Lamb, I would vote for Fetterman based on what I know, but I don't know any of the other candidates too well, so I'm curious if anyone else has been following this race.