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Rab said:
Moren said:

The bitter pill to swallow for progressives is that Democrat Primary voters tend to like the Democratic party. Hello Somebody just had to learn that the hard way.

Similar to Rep voters, they will rarely change even if polices hurt them, it is a generational thing, the younger voters tend to be much more flexible and policy driven, but really don't come out to vote in numbers due in part to work/study commitments/timetables, but it can be a fun day out for senior voters  

Excuses are only good for the people who make them.  Its the reason why the senior and Christian vote is prized among conservatives.  See, those people are motivated all the time.  The young have to much going like parting, having fun other commitments that they feel are more important until they find out their voice is not heard or cared for because they do not vote.

Then their is that mentality that their way is the only way.  Lol, such naïve thinking.  They will try to tear down the existing establishment believing that is the way forward but find out that telling people my way is better without listening will always fail.  Its like telling Trump supporters they are stupid for supporting him but then be surprise that 70+ million voted for him for a second term.

Progressives have been losing a lot and its not about their policy, its about their approach.  Jaicee pretty much hit it right on the nose.  You do not gain support by trying to tell people they are stupid for what they believe, you need to show them a better way and that requires wins.  Slandering the other side when you need their vote is never a sound solution.