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Jaicee said:

A month ago, Turner concurrently enjoyed a 40-point lead over Brown. My point being that this race was clearly her's to lose from the outset, not Brown's to win. That's why I say that the characterization of Shontel Brown as an "establishment" candidate up against a populist underdog in Nina Turner feels a bit misleading in a certain sense. Brown did NOT enjoy any kind of starting advantage. Furthermore, the threat of a Republican victory in the district was non-existent and as such pragmatism was an argument the Brown-aligned forces couldn't rely on like they often do in other elections. And yet Brown won anyway.

Another look, or point of view on this situation 

According to other people looking into this, Corporate/Est money did back Brown (Even the Israelis organisation DMFI donated heavily against Turner), and the Peoples money did back Turner

Pro Turner/Anti Brown $904k (source: Dem Action PAC)

Pro Brown/Anti Turner $2.7M (source: Dem Action PAC)

In the end the Hillary/Corp Dems status quo was maintained, resulting in governance policies less likely to be progressive going forward 

Last edited by Rab - on 04 August 2021