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Mr Puggsly said:
Hiku said:

You were asked to name the specific policies you were referring to.
But you reply with an anecdotal story, and made more unsubstantiated claims with no citation/source.

Sudden rise in cost of living?

History of the Cost of Living (

A sudden rise since 1975, that we can absolutely credit the current administration for.

The US Cost of Living Is Rising -- And Many Americans Can't Afford It | GOBankingRates

You need to specify what policies you are referring to with citation/sources, and demonstrate that they originate from where you claim.

Housing isn't the only thing that has risen in price in recent months. Virtually everything has, its almost like the our money has become worth less. I can't figure out why though...

I gave you a link to a study on the History of the Cost of Living. Not just housing.
The graph was for consumer price index. Which has been on a sharp incline since the 1970's.

You were asked to provide sources for the policies you were talking about, and demonstrate that they originate from where you claim.
It's been more than a week, and you didn't do that.

No one should have to drag the sources out of you across multiple posts.
And this isn't the first time you've refused to explain your position when pressed on it. 

Next time, you need to be willing to provide sources to back up your claims. That's part of having an honest conversation.
If you don't, you'll find that you won't be able to post in those threads any more. Like this one.