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GoOnKid said:
CaptainExplosion said:

Last I checked it's acceptable to blame the company's CEO for it's biggest mistakes at the time, just like we used to be able to blame Jeff Bezos for inadequate wages and poor working conditions for Amazon warehouses.

Firstly, how is this even remotely comparable lol. Secondly, if THAT is the biggest problem then Nintendo is doing pretty good, I'd say.

Look, it's alright. You feel let down. I understand. You can vent.

I've felt that way for the past few years. No new Donkey Kong games, F-Zero is still rotting away after 17 years, Virtual Console is gone, Joy Con drift has been called "Not a real problem.", and on his franchise's 40th anniversary Nintendo didn't do shit for Donkey Kong. Not even acknowledging what a big hand Donkey Kong had in making Nintendo the success it is today. -_-