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Doesn't feel right without AM2R there, but anyways.

Super Metroid wins easily. It has the best atmosphere and best level design. The controls are tough to get used to nowadays but the gameplay can get super deep, unlike the simplified games that came after it. The storytelling is very subtle but still very good. In fact, nearly everything about the game is subtle in the best possible way - how it guides you through this world and wants you to see certain things, learn certain things for yourself, and everything. If you watch someone playing Super Metroid for the first time, it's almost always the same; yet, play through the game multiple times and you see that there's absolutely nothing linear about it. That's just down to genius level design.

Full ranking for me is Super > Fusion > Samus Returns/AM2R > Zero Mission > 2 > 1.

And for Dread, I hope it'll at least get in third place on that ranking. I expect it'll be slightly deeper in mechanics than Samus Returns, but still kinda shallow compared to something like Super, and I expect it'll have a bigger focus on story like Fusion, but a little less linear.