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twintail said:

Tencent have been largely hands off with all their acquisitions. And while Sumo may be a very big buy, let's not forget that they are known mostly for working on IP's that don't belong to them.

Honestly, even with another acquisition, Tencent don't offer, as far as I can tell, enough IP to really make their own hardware that compelling compared to the existing ones. But I'll admit I don't know a lot of what IP Tencent now own.

Majority Stakes

  • Riot Games (100%) - League of Legends, Valorant
  • Funcom (100%) - Conan Exiles
  • Leyou; Digital Extremes, Splash Damage, Athlon Games (100%) - Warframe, All Telltale IP
  • Sharkmob (100%)
  • Sumo Group (100%) 
  • Supercell (84%) - Clash IP
  • Grinding Gear Games (80%) - Path of Exile
  • Miniclip (Majority)
  • Klei Entertainment (Majority) 
  • Yager (Majority)
  • Bohemia Interactive (Majority) - DayZ, ARMA

Minority Stakes

  • Epic Games (40%) - Fortnite
  • Fatshark (36%) - Warhammer
  • Dontnod (22%) 
  • Marvelous; Xseed (20%)
  • Frontier (9%) - Elite Dangerous
  • Activision (5%)
  • Ubisoft (5%)
  • Paradox (5%)
  • Remedy (3.8%)
  • Roblox (Undisclosed)
  • PlatinumGames (Undisclosed)

I'd agree they won't do their own console, they do own some big IPs but they're already available everywhere else, it might work in China where Tencent owns a massive chunk of the gaming market but that's China. Unless they rip all these IP off platforms they're already on, I can't see a console taking off.

But Tencent is rapidly investing, they've invested in or acquired 62 gaming related companies in this year alone which is double their 2020 amount so who knows how things change even a year from now, there is a rumour (from some tabloid trash) that they're looking into acquiring Crytek next.

If they did a console they could probably leverage their minority stakes to get multiplatform support at minimum but I'm still not convinced it would be a success, I think it's more likely that Tencent creates some sort of Game Pass/xCloud competitor in the future or just sticks to what they're doing right now, don't need to change what is already working for them.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 19 July 2021