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Chazore said:
Captain_Yuri said:

I think this is the "handheld" version to what PC is to consoles. I doubt this will be a direct competitor to the switch in the similar vain as PC is not a direct competitor to consoles. Sure there will be an overlap of games and etc but this won't be like say a Vita which was a direct competitor to the 3ds.

Imo this does fill a hole that a number of PC gamers has been asking for as things like GPD Win and Aya Neo and a number of other PC handhelds have had quite a lot of success while charging double the amount that this costs. So there is certainly a market for it. But I doubt this will be a switch killer and people shouldn't think of it as such.

People ont his site really, and I mean really, need to get it out of their heads that this is some first party Switch killer machine, because it really isn't, and the expectations that it's going to flop, because it's not cheap as chips (going with £100-200 less, because why not, some ppl here are cray with prices anyway) or has first party titles.

This is exactly what I've been asking for for years and it's finally becoming a thing, so there definitely is a market for this thing, way more so than Steam machines ever was (that concept was doomed the moment Valve allowed 3rd parties to take control). 

This is what some people dont realize and im the same i've been wanting this machine for years the fact its a handheld that can be carryed around and docked to act like a full fledged PC is all the icing on the cake i needed.