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curl-6 said:

I really liked Hotshot Racing personally, I found its handling satisfying, and its visuals an appealing mix of retro yet modernized. I grew up in the 90s so I appreciated the nostalgia kick, plus it blazes by at 1080p/60fps even on Switch.

It's not GOTY material or anything, but I thought it was excellent for what it was.

It's a nice game , I'm just spoiled by Scud Race and Daytona, I didn't mention the pros of the game but I like that it has online racing. It deserves an 8 , Daytona USA and Scud race really empties your wallet in the arcade scene, I feel I spent 300 dollars on Scud race alone on quarters compared to Hotshot racing which was free on gamepass.

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.