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Absolutely not unless I was able to directly exchange my OG model for one, and that's not really an option. Trade-in values on GameStop show that I'd get $175 for my Switch, meaning I'd still have to pay $175 plus tax to upgrade to the OLED model. Even if I could get a full $300 selling off my Switch, I still might not upgrade. The OLED model is simply too meager of an upgrade to me to justify taking the money and effort to do so. If I was a first-time Switch buyer, then yeah, I'd probably get the OLED model, but I've had a Switch since day one and it's good enough.

Now, if it had been the rumored 4K upgrade, I'd have been all over that immediately. I have a 4K TV and definitely would have paid a premium to upgrade my Switch to a model that would have taken advantage of that, just as I did when I traded in my OG Xbox One for a One X back in 2017. But it looks like I won't be buying another system of any kind until the Switch 2 comes out.

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