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Looks like I can skip the comparison table this week because it's already posted above. Instead I'll get right to the news of the new Switch OLED model and its impact.

2020's holiday quarter was weak in comparison to the preceding three quarters which comfortably beat 2019. 2020's holiday quarter was roughly the same as 2019's, so basically flat year over year. While 2021's lead over 2020 is bound to shrink in the current quarter due to a bunch of 100k+ weeks in the comparable timeframe of 2020, the holiday quarter presents a good opportunity to not only swing momentum back in 2021's favor, but also to greatly outdo 2020 in the end.

While 2021's holiday lineup is not spectacular, it still handily beats 2020's. Both Mario Party and Pokémon won't have problems to cross 1m units and when you combine this with availability of the new OLED model for almost the entire quarter, it's not a real contest anymore. Although the announcement of the OLED model happened three months before its launch, so enough gamers may hold off until October for 2021's YTD to fall behind 2020's at some point.

Either way, 2021 should have the win in the bag for good now.

Legend11 correctly predicted that GTA IV (360+PS3) would outsell SSBB. I was wrong.

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