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PotentHerbs said:
twintail said:

Yeah, I mean... I dunno. On one hand you're right, but on the other I wouldn't get my hopes up that we will get anything besides indies and 3rd parties.

But whether a secret announcement is coming or not, I'm interested to see more on certain games anyways. I'm good either way

I don't expect any announcement that would upstage Deathloop, but we might get a first look at the GOT DLC, a few games added to the PS+ Collection, or maybe something about PS Now.

I feel like any GTA5 showing alone will upstage it. I don't think it's so important for Deathloop to end the show as the marquee title. It just needs to sell the game, something which Bethesda is failing to do.

I also hope that stuff like PS+Collection and PS Now don't take up time. Not neccssary outside of blog posts, unless either are getting massive upgrades. 

Shinobi-san said:

At this point Sony seem completely un-reactive to fans and the competition and seem to be sticking to their pre determined state of play schedule that generally precedes a game release.

I don't think they can keep this up.

Can't they?

They don't need to be showing off stuff like GoW now. They do need to start showing off what their 2021 is going to be like, which is exactly what this SoP will do: there's a bunch of smaller titles that are expected to launch exclusively for PS this year, but we have no dates for them.

Whether Sony spices up the SoP or not remains to be seen, but showing off exclusive content for the remainder of the year doesn't strike me as particularly out of touch. But we will find out soon.

Last edited by twintail - on 08 July 2021