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With the new OLED Switch coming out, some of us might not yet own a Switch and some of might buy it or some may never own a Switch regardless.

Nintendo games are not everybody's cup of team, but they are attracting quite a lot of people.

For any of you on the fence or those who don't care about it, what game reveal would make you turn around and say "Damn, I have to have it now"?

The question is interesting to me because games in general have evolved, even Nintendo games. Some of you might even have been fans of their games once, and those games might not exist anymore.

In answer, you can come up with a fantasy that may not yet exist, like a cross-over between two types of games, like say a cross-over between Ico and Zelda, or games that have existed once, maybe some old-school experience, but they don't exist anymore and it could be an upgraded version. Or it could be types of games that never came out on Nintendo platforms like say Nier Automata or Destiny.

For example, I would buy a Switch if it had a brand new 3D final fantasy that was deeply inspired by the first final fantasy, a true up to date sequel to Super Metroid, or a game in the style of Donkey Kong country, but with much more photorealistic graphics (like Metroid Dread is to 2D metroid). 

Last edited by padib - on 07 July 2021