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OTBWY said:
Bandorr said:

Disaster of a trailer.
Slightly bigger screen.
Bigger stand (That I'm shocked anyone actually ever uses).
Better Audio
And Ethernet port.

That's it. No comparisons. No resolution. No performance.

Was I suppose to be impressed by the random games they showed? Did they look different? Without a before and after I can't actually tell if the games look any better.

Is it on Nintendo though? Publications and insiders hyped up a Pro model and we ate it. 

Don't know. Will have to trace the rumor chain.  Odds are there was time for Nintendo to step in and curb peoples expectations.

Even without the rumors though it is a bad trailer.  What was the point of showing the games on the TV if docking it changes nothing? Why say "better audio" if they just mean bigger speakers?

And a bigger stand? Really? Are people actually busting out their switch pulling out the stand and crowding around one playing it like that? Never seen that at all.

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