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EricHiggin said:
Kyuu said:

Sony's pricing policies are stupid and bound to stir shit up. They're underestimating the entitlement of modern gamers, and the value propositions offerred on Xbox.

Paying $20, $30, $40 or even $50 (Miles Morales) for an expansion+enhancements isn't the main problem. The problem is having to pay an extra $10 for the PS5 version (which is "anticonsumer" compared to what MS is doing). Since GoT PS4 to GoT DC PS4 only costs $20, a good part of the community already ruled out the actual value of the expansion+enhancements being anything more than $20.

Sony should have gone with $30 DC upgrade fee on both platforms, coz then no one would have made a premature assumption that it's too light on content to warrant $30 or more.

This could well be a case of PS4 version being underpriced than PS5 version overpriced. After all, this is from the same developer that gave us a decent multiplayer DLC they didn't promise for free.

Some are underestimating the quality, value, and momentum of PS and it's first party. Entitlement doesn't and shouldn't mean gimme gimme always gets because that eventually leads to a severe case of disappointment.

So you're saying SNY should have charged $30 for the PS4 version as well and just said, 'you get a free PS5 upgrade with it, and for those who don't want to pay for that, you're stuck paying $30 regardless'? At least this way a PS4 copy can only be $20 and you can save $10 by not buying the PS5 upgrade.

Perhaps SNY should have just offered the $499 PS5 model and that's it? Aren't more options a good thing? MS seems to think so when it comes to XB. I wonder how free Infinite MP will end up over its lifetime? Must be entirely free, start to finish, or that would be 'anti-consumer' wouldn't it? 

I'd guess if SNY were to do it again, they'd charge $20 for the Legends DLC, assuming it had to be first, then give the expansion away free afterwards. That likely would have gone over smoother. Best option probably would have been to have the DLC ready when Legends was, charge the same way as they are now, then have Legends launching soon for free.

People are going to complain regardless. Hopefully this doesn't put SP and SNY off from offering extra's down the road. A game as great and worthy as GOT totally deserves the extra treatment its getting.

I can't stand gamers' entitlement, but to completely ignore those complaints and Microsoft's model is a terrible approach from a business standpoint. Perceptions are incredibly important; Sony aren't doing themselves any favors by adding to the growing narrative of them being anti-consumer as opposed to MS being all for the consumer. That they have an excellent 1st party reputation, brand power, and momentum doesn't shield them from expectations to step up their game in the areas where Microsoft is destroying them. They're taking the hype and high demand for granted.

Whether or not Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut on PS5 has enough content that actually justify the pricetag doesn't matter, because people have already made up their minds that it's overpriced. The scope of the expansion is perceptively worth "$20", and you can't blame them for that perception because MLB21 (a far worse example than GoT DC) didn't even offer an upgrade passage AFAIK, you're very much stuck with backwards compatibility mode, otherwise you'd have to pay $70 for the native PS5 version lol. And ironically, MLB is available for free on Game Pass.

So... GoT DC's model is concerning in the context of Sony's standard upgrade policies; the $10 upgrade fee Sony requires probably has nothing to do with the value of the expansion. I'm saying it's stupid because they could have easily avoided all this negativity WITHOUT sacrificing revenue.

Now I'm not expecting or wanting Sony to match Microsoft's value proposition, but I think there is a middle ground they can cover. They're relying a fair bit more than they should on their strengths (which always get underestimated), disregarding the increasing perception that they're greedy, arrogant, anticonsumer etc.

The funny thing is Sony is less "anti-consumer" right now than they were during PS4's launch in many ways, but a lot of people can't see that because MS is settings new standards and new expectations.

Last edited by Kyuu - on 06 July 2021