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JRPGfan said:

Monopoly money..... (ei. real value cant have grown that much)
Why is MS worth 6 times as much now, as from back in 2014?

Are they earning 6 times as much?
Same with apple, alot of these companys with high stock values.... I think its a bubble.

Their value, as perceived by investors, is 6 times higher. You're talking about their intrinsic value while OP is listing their market value.

MS is not worth 6 times as much intrinstically, but its market value has skyrocketted under Satya Nadella, while under Ballmer it went down. This means that investors are happy with his decisions, which is only great for the company. Will this appreciation go down like a bubble (you mentioned). The answer is easy:

- If the direction stays great, it will not collapse and may grow.

- If the direction takes enough wrong turns, it will collapse or dip of course, relative to the bad decisions taken.

Idk, maybe this helped.