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curl-6 said:
yo33331 said:

Again, because they are not dropping the prices .. Xbox one should get price drop last year to 199$ or even 149$ for the base model

and the PS4 at least tp 199$. Then XB1 would do at least 1 or even 2M more, and PS4 at least some 5M more units.

I'm pretty sure Xbox One has gone on sale for $199 and even less numerous times.

Yes.. only sometimes when some retail decides so .. only in some regions

I am talking about worldwide official price cut.

Remember 2009 ones ? when they annouce official pricecuts for both consoles worldwide the sales just explode.

That I am talking about.

Of course in this point in time they will not explode such massive but still, official permanent worldwide pricecut have much bigger effect than some small temporary pricecut for only some stores in only some country.