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This is a very you thread. Sounds silly these days when there's avatars on the home screen, but I knew this was yours.


I think you're getting a bit too carried away with the idea of game awards there. Something winning game of the year doesn't mean it's the best thing that came out that year, and certainly does not mean it's the most innovative or creative. Every year you see many games in the running for these awards that don't really do anything interesting for the industry, and also don't feel genuine. It's ironic and kinda funny how you like the idea of games coming from the heart, yet use a completely arbitrary and commercially-centric thing for determining which ones are the best.

Other than that, yeah, I agree. Nintendo certainly feels like the strongest definition of fanservice at the moment - not only in giving fans things they want that often don't feel genuine, but also in how they're methodically and carefully releasing these things at strategic times to hype up interest and demand, as so to continually overprice everything and get away with it. On their end, one such game that concerns me is Metroid Prime 4 - something pretty much all of us can be very excited for, but it's hard to believe that its existence didn't come solely from fan demand, and the state of its development leaves a lot to worry about, from a technical perspective surely but also a creative one.