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JRPGfan said:
Chrizum said:

That video made me depressed. Do I get complimentary Prozac with my upgrade?

This post was brought to you by a computer running Windows 7, still the best Windows around.

You get mandated internet connection, and a need for a MS account to use windows.

also forced updates are still there (ToS, allowing them to install, remove stuff from your pc)

*edit: Moveing on from windows 7 was hard.... I tried windows 8 and hated it.... windows 8,1 is barely passable.
Windows 10 never really sat well with me, and windows 11 looks worse (why change things this much?). 
 Its windows 7 or 8,1 for me.

Bolded: Needing the MS account is only for the Home version and im pretty sure you only need internet on setting it up.

All other versions dont need an MS account or an internet connection to set up. But if your running windows why wouldnt you have an MS account anyways?.