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I love this series and Characters, What I want them to do is what every hardcore fighting gamer wants , Ultimate finishers Aka Fatalities of KI to be bloody like The classics from SNES and Arcade , they could be abit lesser than Mortal Kombat as always but what made me like entire Killer Instinct from Xbox One was every new mechanic like counter breaker and Shadow Attacks. the only thing I hated was weak Ultimate Finishers AKA Killer Instincts Fatalities being wack . I miss Killer Instinct Fatalities in Killer Instinct arcade like these below. Also ask Iron Galaxy they'll double their paycheck this time.

0:35 mark My favorite fulgore fatality :D

Update OP 1:05 PM Pacific time june 25 / 2021 ,we have an answer to why Killer Instinct is not being made .watch video below.

This saddens me we only have Neatherrealm studio and Iron Galaxy, the rest are indies , Microsoft want's to One up the current Killer Instinct that had so much love and Heart to make , This Saddens me and Iron Galaxy so busy. 

Ki is really in a rough situation I think? If I get what this video is saying?

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Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.