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EnricoPallazzo said:
Bristow9091 said:

Nope, out first chance to play it properly was the PS1 release in 2002

Thats bad. At the same time, didnt you guys have imports, or game rental places?

I was able to beat it twice around 1995 living in Brazil and believe me, it was really hard to find stuff at that time.

Region locking was a thing back then. We were in the PAL region so anything from Japan/the Americas would be unplayable to us. If there were any import stores they were probably just imported from elsewhere in Europe which obviously wouldn't help. Rental places would only rent stuff that was also sold in the country.

I assume Brazil was the same region as the US? So it would've been easier to import stuff there.

Plus there wouldn't have really been any demand. I'm pretty sure FF7 was the first FF game to release in Europe, so the franchise was literally unknown prior to that. Even if it were easy, people aren't going to import a game they've never heard of.