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I've been thoroughly impressed by everything I saw out of Halo Infinite at E3. The graphics look so much better now (not that what we saw last year was terrible or anything, but it definitely needed some more polish), and the gameplay looks to be moved much closer to classic-style Halo. Sure, sprint and clamber are still present, but no more thruster pack (and therefore no more Spartan Charge and Ground Pound), at least as a default ability means the game has slowed down from Halo 5's twitchy breakneck pace. I like how the equipment system is a hybrid of Halo 3's equipment and Reach's armor abilities: like in Halo 3, all the gadgets are map pickups only and some of them are one-time use, but some of them are reusable like Reach's abilities. I even like how power-ups have been retooled, effectively turning them into equipment items that go into your inventory and can be manually activated whenever (the active camo in Halo 3's campaign was like this, so this was done once before, but never in MP).

Infinite was already my most anticipated game of the year, and is why I wanted to go ahead and get a Series X before its release to play the best possible version. But everything they showed last week has raised my anticipation nearly to "hyped" levels. If the MP beta later this summer impresses, it would confirm to me that 343 Industries finally gets what makes Halo special. Halo 4 & 5 were okay, but they both felt lacking as Halo titles.


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