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Pemalite said:

That visual improvement is very much welcomed and substantial. Can't wait.

Hopefully with Multiplayer they bring back weapon, vehicle and item spawn locations... One thing that Halo games after Halo 3 have lost is the strategic element of needing to control certain locations to get things like weapons... Plus the maps look a less barren with gear strewn all through it.

The spawns are back, but they no longer appear out of thin air, the weapons now come down out of the sky in drop pods at set respawn times in set locations, while the vehicles are delivered at set respawn times in set locations by a Pelican dropship. In addition to the visual differences, the new player AI system (think your own customizable Cortana for your Spartan) alerts you when a power weapon or power vehicle is close to respawning so that you can get there in time to fight with the enemy for the respawn.