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Hiku said:

It's difficult to discount the Covid effect since planning for E3 apparently began later than it usually does. So companies would have less time to prepare their presentations.

When Sony first skipped E3, a common comment was that they did so because it was a transition year (to PS5) and that they had nothing to show.
Like I said back then, they've been through several transition years before, but never skipped. So I didn't think that was the major concern for them, but rather the reported disagreement between Sony and ESA, where Sony is one of the board members. Keeley also had his disagreements with ESA, and left.

I didn't expect Sony to come back, because even if ESA made some changes that would suit them, by the time they do that Sony will get a taste of how much money they can save by having their own presentation instead.

But unless other companies have similar problems with the direction of E3, they may stick around. Especially if the cost of attending E3 is lowered due to it no longer being the same live in-person event as before.

Dulfite said:

Journalists and the media are at probably an all-time low in regards to the public trusting them due to mis-reportings, agendas, politics, staged things (like CNN faking a rescue of people from flood waters by hiring actors), etc. Journalism itself is dying as everything is becoming increasingly caught on camera and hot mics. You don't need to hire people to dig up dirt on something when that something is publically on display more and more as the years go by. 

I don't understand why people spread conspiracy theories that sound ridiculous, without looking up if they're true/have been debunked first.

You made a point about caught on camera and mics, yet the incorrect observation that lead to this Infowars conspiracy theory could have been avoided if they just paid attention to the end of the video where the reported said "Scott and Brian and I rescued this fellow".
That three people rescued the man.

Reporter Drew Griffin (wearing a red jacket and pants)
Photographer Scott Pisczek (wearing a black shirt and shorts)
Producer Brian Rokus (wearing a red jacket and shorts)

FACT CHECK: Did CNN Stage a Hurricane Harvey Rescue Video? (

But the conspiracy theory is that one person inexplicably changed his clothing for no apparent reason, and that the editors also left that in for no apparent reason, and that no one else in the CNN crew would wear a red CNN jacket...

When you have an Agenda you aren't looking for facts. You are just hoping others don't look for facts also.  That is basically the basis between fake news. Say something and hope more people repeat it than people fact check it.

That said as far as the thread goes. What is the "definition" of E3.  If everyone just uploads (or streams) a video is that E3? "Summerfest" was the day before involving Elden ring etc. But that isn't consider part of "E3". One of the biggest announcements of the year one day before E3 - isn't part of E3.

Post covid I have no clue what E3 is anymore. Before E3 was a convention that allowed people and Journalist to mingle together. See a lot of booths, watch announcements get hand on video games etc.  Did that happen this year?

Sony releasing a video whenever they want will have the same "feel" as Nintendo or Microsoft - but they aren't part of E3. So it sounds like E3 is defined by a very strict schedule.

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