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Leynos said:
mZuzek said:

Have a slim PS2, it can't read discs for shit, except when it sometimes does. Never got it replaced though.

Does it not recognize them? Like the disc is not even spinning? If so there is a insanely easy fix. It's one of the easiest systems to take apart. Tightened 1-2 screws on the inside and it fixes it.

I mean... I don't really care? Most of my favorite PS2 games are playable elsewhere anyways, and my PS2 controllers are in pretty rough shape these days. Plus, PS2 image quality looks hideous on modern TVs without a component cable, which I don't have.

It started getting really bad at just around the time we got an Xbox 360 back then. Think it still works decently enough if you're patient with it, but just not worth the effort anymore for me.