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This thread will be a go-to thread for info on the times of the conferences. I'll also have links to the official threads and the times of the conferences. These times are all in the Pacific Time Zone but if you need help calculating when the conference takes place in your area, you can click here and put your location into the other slot. 

Here is the official E3 Lineup. I will follow with a chart that'll link to everything I can find individually. 

Conference Date Time (PT)


Guerilla Collective Indie Showcase June 5th & 12th 8 AM  Youtube
IGN Kick Off Live! Preshow June 10th 10:30 AM Recap
Summer Games Fest Kickoff June 10th 11 AM Youtube
Koch Primetime June 11th 12 PM Youtube
Summer of Gaming - IGN Expo 2021 June 11th 1 PM Recap
Guerilla Collective Indie Showcase II June 12th 10 AM Twitch
Wholesome Direct June 12th 10 AM Recap Pt 1
Part 2
Ubisoft Forward June 12th 12 PM Youtube
Devolver Digital June 12th 12:30 PM
Gearbox Entertainment presentation June 12th 2 PM Youtube
GamesBeat Session June 12th 2:45 PM Youtube
UploadVR June 12th 3 PM Youtube
XBox and Bethseda Showcase June 13th 10 AM

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 

Square Enix Presents June 13th 12:15 PM Recap
Warner Bros. Back 4 Blood Presentation June 13th 2 PM Youtube
PC Gaming Show June 13th 2:30 PM
Future Gaming Show June 13th 4 PM
E3 PreShow June 14th 8 AM
Verizon presentation June 14th 9 AM 
Intellivision June 14th 9:45 AM
Take-Two June 14th 10:15 AM
Mythical Games Presentation June 14th 11:10 AM
Indie Showcase June 14th 12:30 PM
Freedom Games Presentation June 14th 12:30
VENN June 14th 1 PM
Limited Run Games June 14th 1 PM
Capcom June 14th 2:30 PM
Razer June 14th 3 PM
E3 Preshow June 15th 8 AM
Nintendo June 15th 9 AM
Nintendo Treehouse: Live! June 15th 9 AM
Bandai Namco June 15th 2:25 PM
Yooreka Games Presentation June 15th 3:30 PM
GameSpot Play For All Showcase June 15th 3:35 PM
Official E3 2021 Awards June 16th 4:45 PM

These are the official platform devoted threads: 

Club Nintendo PC Gaming Emporium Playstation Nation Xbox Empire

For now, times to lead in with a poll:

What highly anticipated game are you hoping to see at either E3 or in the weeks leading up to/following it? Yes, I know some of the studios won't be there but this is more like a wishlist than actually reality based. I didn't include some titles just due to the fact that it only lets me list 10 games, so if you have another title you're looking forward to hear about, feel free to answer in the comments! 

Sorry, Poll Results were a bit delayed but here is the official result

Of course the results for the conference poll leaned heavily towards Microsoft and Nintendo. Square Enix managed to get a few votes and Capcom has 1 person has high hopes. 

Ubisoft's conference wasn't really hyped too much but it had 2 definite standouts. 

Feel free to make a tag post in here to keep up to date with info! If you want to take the reins on one of the conferences, all of them area available except for the Xbox and Bethesda showcase!

Last edited by axumblade - on 15 June 2021